Building successful relationships between artists, holistic collectors, and business owners.


Art Consulting

Artwork by    morgan Dyer

Artwork by morgan Dyer

SJ Art Consulting offers clients access to our exclusive list of artists, which is backed by strong personal and professional relationships and the highest level of accountability.


When you mix a degree in Studio Art and Design with 15 years' experience in the hardware business, the result is a unique blend of technical and aesthetic installation services.

Holistic Collecting

Artwork by Azubah pintso L. denjongpa

Artwork by Azubah pintso L. denjongpa

You're an art collector and you didn't even know it.


What is a "Holistic Collector"?

We at SJ Art Consulting consider anyone who attends an exhibition, buys tickets to a local musical performance, visits an artists' studio, or purchases a piece of artwork, no matter the cost, to be a Holistic Collector. We describe our clients and event attendees, especially those interested in the "art world" but not sure where to dive in, as holistic art collectors because it implies that there is a broader, more well-rounded view of art collecting that exists. Through curated exhibitions, commission opportunities, and interior design services, SJ Art Consulting seeks to provide an accessible outlet for buying artwork, supporting your local economy, and forming new relationships with members in our community.